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How to join our Community:

If you are thinking of joining the church, you should read our values statement under the “about” section, as well as the first half of the Constitution in whatever language you prefer.  Translations in other languages will be posted on their respective countries’ websites, listed in the right-hand column.  If you agree with the mission of the church and the values we hold sacred, you can immediately start calling yourself a Kopimist!  If you would like to formalize your membership with the church, first you should copy one of the Kopimipyramid  images from and then register with the us using the form below.  Don’t worry, entering your e-mail address any name will only be used to keep track of our total membership and to tell you when we post new information.  Because we are a church, we will never sell or publicly release the e-mail and name that you submit below.

Copy is Right

  1. I would like to translate this website to polish and start this church in Poland is there any possibility ??

    • Absolutely! I would recommend that you get started immediately. If possible, you should translate the Swedish text to Polish to avoid progressive decay in the original message due to differences in word choice and grammar. Copy and Seed!

      • hi i can translate into hebrew, spanish, english, and portuguese. let me know if you need my helpl. copy and seed.

      • That would be absolutely wonderful! If you perform those translations I’d be thrilled to post them on our site! Just paste the translations into an e-mail and send them to me via the e-mail listed on our contact page.

        Seed the faith,

    • hi, what is contact with you? i would like to help with polish translation.

      • My contact info is located in the “Contact” page. If you have a Polish translation, please send it to me and I’ll post it on the site permanently.

    • Sami mozemy to zrobic.

  2. Wouldn’t the optimal way to spread be to suggest remixing of the Church’s foundations? Find a way to remix Kopimism with the local cultural expression. Remix is Rebirth.

    • Our value system leads us to always advocate for copying, remixing, and sharing information. We do not exclude the constitution, nor do we exclude content on the Kopimism websites. Anyone is free to copy, remix, and share Kopimism however they choose. Some people may choose to generate a remixed value system upon which to base their faith, and we would have no problem with that.

  3. I would like to start this religion in my country ( Bosnia and Herzegovina). What do I need to do, please point me the instructions. You have my e-mail. Conctact me.

  4. I am Kope. And I am the goddess of copy and paste. I approve this website.

  5. Kopimiphile Sinner

    I have sinned against the Kopimist church! I have supported Copyright laws and restricted others from copying and pasting. This is part of one of the responsibilities of my job, and I cannot quit as I need to feed a growing husband and cats. Will the church accept a sinner?

    • If you are not a Kopimist Operator, then you are not obligated to actively assist people with the copying and sharing of information. If you agree with the values of Kopimism and consecrate your beliefs by making a copy the sacred kopipyramid, then you can consider yourself part of the church ( for kopipyramid images)! We do not offer oppressive, dogmatic lifestyle requirements, as many religions do, so the church does not really have an opinion on how your conduct your daily life. Please don’t apply Christian terms like “sinning” to Kopimism. Datalove be with you.

  6. We need to know more about this new religion in Latin America, especially in Mexico.

  7. Hello! I am from Brazil and I’d like to know if there is a possibility to translate the website and the Constituition to Portuguese!!


  8. This is the real deal.

    Soon to be gone are all archaic, violent religions…worldwide. Ours will be the only one left standing.

    We are peaceful and all inclusive. The world is welcome to join.

    We have no leaders, we have no ancient dogma. We only have what we need.

    We have our files.

    We will share them with all.

  9. I’d love to join the church and to work for the establishing of the church in Portugal. How can I do it?

  10. I’m Chinese, I want to join the First United Church of Kopimism to Anti-CCP!Can I join it? XD

  11. I joined but I’m not drinking any koolaid or wearing black and white Nikes while waiting for a big pirate ship to come down and take me into outer space for an eternal blissful life involving nothing but filesharing.

    • Lucky for you, the Church of Kopimism doesn’t ask anyone to drink Kool Aid, change their dress, or expect suspensions of reality or physics. Just seed our faith with your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who might benefit from informational enlightenment.

  12. We are Many!!!

  13. It heartens me in this day and age to read about a movement that embraces connecting and sharing with other people, unlike the many unfortunate beliefs which tend to foster exclusivity and ultimately promotes a narrowminded us-versus-themism.

    $deity bless you all.

    • Escher Beatnik

      I stumbled upon this Religion like a lost 5.25″ floppy found in a forgotten box. A religion that sings within my soul and speaks Truth in its purest form. I shall ctrl-c, ctrl-v Kopimism to my brethren, and fill their soul-cache with the Truth.

      Blessed Be thy Backup.

  14. A model standard, a sacred truth,
    gold falls short of natures sleuth.
    Sacred, within every place,
    Controlling mass. No empty space.

  15. Information is sacred. From the seed will grow the most sacred, the ultimate law.
    Great times are these.

  16. Netherlands need to support this!!!!

  17. Ctrl+c ctrl+v

  18. Garyaqaan Geeddi

    Great. And soon I would like to introduce the religion to the African continent which have been degraded and so much marginalized from development after we have been denied the fundamental right of gaining Knowledge and hence the right of Copy and Paste.

  19. Please, post Ukraine on the list of Churches

  20. i would like to translate it to Azerbaijan language and start it in Azerbaijan. Where do i have to start?

  21. Many thanks for bringing the church to America!! I have signed up and facebooked links. 🙂
    May your data streams be always uncorrupted.

  22. Working on the latin american spanish traslation :3

    • Allow me to help you please. This is the kind of thing I think I was meant to do.

      • We welcome you to Kopimism! Datalove be with you! If there is any way that you would like to help, feel free to e-mail us at using the contact info listed on our Contact page!

    • Mario Sepulveda

      Plushy Berry, I would like to help; appreciate your contact and location!

  23. steven d kopimi

    If i create a logo where can i send it to so it can be posted on the home page for all to use

  24. I have not created a new logo (though I’m thinking about it; however, I did post a logo and link on my personal home page. It’s not precisely equivalent to undertaking a two-year missionary project on behalf of the Church, but it’s a start toward evangelism, I hope…thanks for helping!

  25. Happy to join you! -V for Victory!

  26. I request any communion like activities include Doritos rather than flavorless crackers

  27. Michael Bankson

    Just checking your religion and site out….looks cool…

  28. Christopher Wayne cooper

    We need more support in the USA!

  29. We need to start holding some public “church services” in visible ways; could be FTF, could be virtual, could be a blended variant – serious enough not to be just dumped by the media onto the Silly Season pages; light-hearted enough not to overwhelm. It’s a tough line to walk, but there are numerous examples where it’s been accomplished. What we need to do, obviously, is find some of those examples and copy them…

    • We recently assembled a PirateBox and plan on using it to hold an in-person digital service in the near future.

  30. Real cool this Church. I’m sure I’m gonna have me a real ball. With you all the way.

  31. Me and my brother were thinking of opening the first Australian Kopimism church, we are both avid sharers and believe this a great cause for all who wish to share information. This religion appeals more to me as it has greater meaning than others have had to offer.
    We have the domain name ‘’ but the site is not running yet we are in the main phase of production. Thank you and share.

    • That’s wonderful! Please let me know via e-mail when your site is running and we’ll link to it on our site! It’s wonderful to see Kopimism spreading so richly to other countries!

  32. Steven Harrington

    My personal religious beliefs honors the mathematical idea of a 10th dimensional concept of infinity. If this concept is viewed as the set containing all sets of data and information, would this be able to coincide with Kopimism?

  33. Steve, I would say yes, under the idea that everything came from copying something else then everything, theoretically could be contained in your belief.

  34. Richard Sarkar

    I am new but I think the idea is great. It should be under The blessing of God.

  35. Richard Sarkar

    I am confused am I a member or not??

  36. Richard Sarkar

    Where should I copy and paste??

  37. I jut want to join the church of satan and am in to music and I want the church of satan to help me

    • I am not sure what this has to do with The First United Church of Kopimism, US. We are not affiliated with any non-Kopimist churches. Our message is one of living, creating, and sharing.

  38. Richard Sarkar


  39. Finally a religion that allows man to follow the rules of the universe. The first single celled organism copied itself and created life on this planet. The universe expands and copies itself over and over again. Billions upon billions of stars being born, giving life, and dying in explosions that make more stars and always constantly expanding. Copying is the universal truth. To copy is nature’s law. To copy is holy. To copy is to complete the circle of life. Datalove be with you.

  40. I want to translate it and make a church here in Brazil! I’ll start today the translation.

  41. Iam from argentina, do i need permition to translate the page to spanish? Thanks

  42. i will be happy if i join the church of satan

  43. Please tell me how I may receive holy orders!

  44. We have our files.

    We will share them with all.

  45. Mario Sepulveda

    Hi, I live in Chile and would like to start translating this into Spanish, I’ll appreciate the contacts and assistance to start the group in Chile.

  46. Thank you for the opportunity to follow such a great cause. I’ve already Ctrl C + Ctrl V to my Fleecebook to share the message of my new found religion 🙂

  47. Hello. I have joined the church, and am eager to get involved…. somehow. Are there any projects I can assist in? My computer resoirces are limited to a raspberry pi, but perhaps i could contribute with a remote server, or in another way,entirely? Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  48. Jacob A. Perkins

    How can I become an op?

  49. When I sense the greed of software companies, I copy, use and paste their hacked works without any kind of regrets. But I don’t mind paying if there is a reasonable price for a good product and I know I am going to use it a lot and enjoy it. Of course, that price must fit my budget. I am even more generous, when someone creates a software and shares it as “regular version” (not just stupud trial) and “donation version”. In such case I support the creator through a donation, but I feel morally obligated not to share the “donation version software” with others. Still, at heart I am THE KOPIMIST.

  50. Copy is right

  51. I am 1 of kopimist 🙂

  52. hello i m from india and i want to start kopimism holy religion in india …

  53. Samuel s. Bedell

    I’m Bedell from Liberia I have decided to be a member of ur church I speak English

  54. Hi, just new in this holistic religion but how would it be protected from being damaged like other religion?
    I mean other religion started well but some human errors came in.

    • If a religion copies and modifies our sacred texts and succeeds where we have not, then it is both a holy sacrament (copymixing) as well as overall good for dissemination of our faith!

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