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Copy and Seed.

  1. Cutberto Gonzalez Perez

    Hello, I want to be part of this religion, I’m from Mexico and I know that it takes to be an active member.

    • Simply Copy and Seed! That is all that is necessary to be an active member. If you would like to contribute philosophical or religious essays in support of Kopimist ethics, then feel free to send them to our contact e-mail and they will be posted with full credit of authorship given to the submitter.

  2. greetings fellow kopiers. I am very interested in joining your religion as i believe in it greatly. Will you be holding services on sunday? I would be interested in participating. My contact number is 574-529-3447.Knowledge to all!!! Copypasta!!!

  3. Anybody working on a Dutch translation yet? Let me know if not dear Kopimism!

  4. Hail fellow Kopimist brothers and sisters.
    Im being devoted more and more to our cause, with each bit cycling from IP to IP.
    Id love to help establish Polish community of Kopimists, or at least- prepare transfer routes for Blessed Information.

    i couldnt find contact form on: , so im writing here.

  5. I bow down to you all..

  6. ¿Será posible una traducción al español? Gracias
    Could it be a Spanish translation? thanks

  7. Hello I am interested in this religion, I have to do to open a church in Mexico. thanks

    • When you start the Church in Mexico, please post a link here and on the Swedish site so that we can direct people there!

    • Que tal!! creo que una vez que hagas la pagina web de kopimism mexico.. se la mandas a la pagina de suecia para que aparesca como webs hermanas..

      • Muchas gracias por sus respuestas. Justo en este momento con la probable aplicación de leyes injustas que reprimen nuestros derechos naturales, con la conveniencia de intereses personales de algunos cuantos, pero sobre todo por la total falta de respeto hacia la libre transmisión de la información, hoy el Kopimismo nos ofrece la gran oportunidad de fortalecer nuestra ideología, la ideología de ser libres.

        Sería bueno saber si algún compatriota ya inicio el proyecto de levantar el sitio. De no ser así con gusto darnos a la tarea.

        Amigos de este gran país, hagámonos escuchar.


  8. is the temporary URL for which has just gone live.

    Please add to your global church list. Thank You!

    Kind Regards



  9. Mehmet Cihan Ünlü

    Hi Guys im from Germany and very sad there is no HP from Kopinism for Germany.

    If possible i would like to join and help in anyway
    i know many friends which like to join and help this religion to grow before freedom is gone forever

    if SOPA ACTA or PIPA gets implented we will loose all our freedom to the americans and have to do as they say
    if they want people will vanish without any possible way to argue or helpthemselves or prove they are not criminals in the whole world soon

    so plz we have to hurry as fast as possible to get this religion trough the world in no time
    im pretty sure the american will attack this religion soon too cause they begin a offensive to control the world

    if those SOPA bla shit gets through it will be to late.

    hope to see soon in germany a Homepage too and this religion too and hope its not too late for our Freedom and our Souls



  10. Lazaren: Well you can always leave a message that you would start the church i Germany, then contact the Swedish church and we will link your page to our.

  11. Why doesn’t have Church in China?

  12. Mehmet Cihan Ünlü

    btw here is a link for a world greatest petition against SOPA PIPA ACTA. 1 Million already signed against it. join and help the petition



    • Mehmet Cihan Ünlü

      and share the link with your friends to get many signs as possible

      about the church in germany first i would like to organize it a bít with friends and discuss it but we will contact you as soon we are rdy.



  13. I would like to submit this piece of writing for review. All the information I have an the CoK is from skimming the website, so I’m sorry if any of it is inaccurate.

    Although the Church of Kopimism might not have or want any affiliation with Christianity, there are probably Christians out there who want to know, “Can I follow the Church of Kopimism and still be a believer?” The answer is yes. Here’s why:

    1. The Church of Kopimism is mostly a secular religion, and it doesn’t tell you to follow another God. Think of it as an add-on or extension to your current beliefs. So you can still follow God.

    2. The Bible tells us not to steal, and that a worker is worthy of his wages. The fact is, piracy doesn’t steal wages. It actually helps the maker of a work gain popularity, and therefore money. Since a worker is worthy of his wages, the real bad guys are clear: More money is stolen by record companies, movie companies, publishers, etc. than is stolen by pirates.

    3. The Internet is considered holy by the CoK. “Holy,” in its origins, means essentially “set apart in a positive way.” The Internet is definitely set apart, since it is the first thing of its kind in history, and it’s definitely positive, since it has brought us all closer together, helped unite us in goals (Dusty the Cat, Kony, WikiLeaks) and enlightened many people.

    There is no reason for Christians not to follow the Church of Kopimism. It does not conflict with Christianity.

  14. i’m haveing issues getting to the sweedish site…is anyone else

  15. Richard Sarkar

    How I submit a post??

    • If you would like to submit a post, pleas e-mail us at the e-mail address provided in the Contact page. We’d be happy to post any coherent thoughts on Kopimism. If you just have comments about others’ posts, then you can use the same feature that you used to post your question.
      Seed the faith,

  16. I made a 3D video to promote Kopimism. I hope you could use it. 🙂

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