The following is a compilation of values statements translated from the Swedish Missionary Church of Kopimism.  It embodies our basic values, motives, and intentions.  Where appropriate, remixing has taken place for invocation of USA-specific imagery. We welcome suggestions in the comments section or through direct e-mail contact (e-mail info can be found on the contact page).

Kopimi was coined as a concept in the early 2000′s on a pirate Agency Forum.  Kopimi, from the word “copy me”, is an invitation to copy.  Kopimi is the name of an attitude to life, animated by the desire to be copied and copied. For us the question of freedom to copy is not political, but much deeper than that.

The Church of Kopimism does not make claims regarding gods or supernatural forces. Life as we know it originated with the DNA molecule’s ability to duplicate itself, irrespective of the original creation of the Universe.  The process is the most basic element of life, nature, and the DNA is really just an information carrier, a result of molecular segments that determine who we become. Reproduction is the very condition for cell division and life in the form we know it.

Copying is fundamental to life and runs constantly all around us. Shared information provides new perspectives and generate new life. We feel a spiritual connection to the created file.

An important feature of our church is the missionary message. From all to one and from one to all – and then back again – exchange without beginning and without end. Everything to everyone’s delight, and everybody’s joy of it all. No one is excluded from the global community of knowledge and information sharing.  Every believer has all knowledge – all knowledge is spread by every believer to all people without exception. Start the exponential cascade.

Languages are cultural expressions of different ways to exchange information, and are essential tools for most social animals.  Culture itself develops in concert with the dissemination and evolution of languages.  It is not possible to distinguish the spread of culture from the creative process because it is virtually the same thing. As with language, culture becomes useless and dies out if it does not spread. Copying is creating. To create is to copy. That something occurs out of nothing is an absurd idea.

The missionary Church of Kopimism applied to become a registered religious community because we deserve the same recognition and respect other faiths. Soon we will also apply for marriages, as well as for government support to expand our business.

We humans always want answers to difficult questions. Kopimism is a creed that tries to answer the existential question: what is the meaning of life? We believe the answer lies in the copying, distribution and remixing of information.

Our faith

From all at one and from one to all – and then back – exchange without beginning and without end. Everything to everyone’s delight, and everybody’s joy of it all. No privileges, no exclusions – everywhere. Every believer has all knowledge – all knowledge is spread by every believer to all people without exception. Start the exponential cascade.

Our opponents, those who seek to censor, control, and limit the internet, do so because the Internet is communication and communication is spreading knowledge. An open, unfettered internet is a threat to these individuals, who prefer to stand between creators, content, and its distribution. We love the internet, but they seek to close it, and may succeed in this goal incrementally throughout the next several years. All believers should consider their ability to find other ways than the existing internet to copy and distribute. All means other than violence and destruction of physical property are allowed.

The message is spreading as it should – through the autonomous, the sovereign, through both individuals and groups.

It kopimistiska assignment is based on a few basic axioms, which in turn can be traced back to our strong defense of the informational value, the value that all information, in itself, possesses, regardless of what the information is for properties. Since information and information value is so sacred to us recognizes kopimister following axioms:

– Copying of information is ethically right.
– Dissemination of information is ethically right.
– Copymixing is a sacred kind of copying, moreso than the perfect, digital copying, because it expands and enhances the existing wealth of information
– Copying or remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance and Kopimistic faith.
– The internet is holy.
– Code is law.

These are the basic axioms upon which Kopimism is based, and Kopimism members, Kopimists, and Church of Kopimism religious spokespersons, operators, dedicate their lives to live under these rules. In the eyes of a Kopimist or operator, good living is defined by these religious foundations.

Operators (Priest)

The operator’s primary task is to live according to Kopimist values. Their secondary role is to assist other Kopimists in living according Kopimist values. Their tertiary job is to actively shape their environment to become more Kopimistic.

Becoming a Kopimist

All those who recognize their own values in those of the Kopimistic faith may already call themselves Kopimists, but to become a member of the missionary Church of Kopimism one needs to undergo a rite. They disclose their personal data to the Church of Kopimism through the website, then one must in some way copy the Church of Kopimism symbol in order to go through the entrance rite. You can only be a Kopimism if you profess to Church of Kopimism’s basic belief foundation presented in the Constitution. You can both download it from the Church of Kopimism’s server, rewrite it, or send a copy to a friend. All copying is possible. In fact, if you’re reading this from our website, it is enough to update the browser to download a copy of our logo from the top of the page.


The Church of Kopimism symbol is a pyramid with the letter C inside. It’s called Kopimi-pyramid or the Holy Kopimi-pyramid. It is the symbol that you refer to as kopimistsamfundets symbol throughout this the document. It is, however, quite permissible for individuals to depict, copy, and remix any icon and call it the Kopymism symbol. Operators may, at their discretion, also copy, remix, and adopt alternative symbols, however it is of the utmost importance at they also remain stewards of the traditions set forth in these documents. Therefore, all operators are required, when conducting their official duties (such as during worship, pastoral care, and the ritual of giving op), to use an official Kopimi-piramid in the transfer as described above.

Interaction Points
Interaction points are sacred sites that should remain free from andi-Kopimist monitoring and actions. The interaction point is identified by a depiction of the Holy Kopimi-pyramid. An operator will place the Kopimi-pyramid and pronounce the phrase, “I do hereby declare this a local interaction point. Copy and seed .” Interaction points can be inside or outside any dormitory, dwelling, public space, or private space. The Holy Kopimi-pyramid should always be present in interaction point rooms.

  1. Justin McCollum

    How long before I can be ordained in the Church of Kopimism? Or should I just get ordained by the Universal life church?

    • I cannot advise you on your involvement with another Church. If you want to be ordained, you can visit the Swedish IRC channel and ask there. Check out the Kopimism in Sweden link to the right and find their IRC channel info.

  2. Interesting thoughts, but not the religion for me. It seems too one-dimensional to be an entire religious focus. You can copy my poetry or writings anytime, though. They need more exposure–hahaha! My personal belief is that if I create something beautiful and well made, it should be spread for the good of humanity. It’s easy for me to say, though, because I don’t make a living from it, and only do art and write as a hobby. Taking an attitude like this would put professional writers and artists in a situation where they may not be able to make a living. (Not that many make much of a living anyways!)

    So in personal practice, I agree with you. Copy my stuff to your heart’s content! In issues with other people, I think it should be the decision of the artist or composer about whether their work should be shared for free or for profit.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I agree with you that some people make a living off of the sales of their works. It is important to recognize that our religion does not have a copy-and-seed mandate, which means that, though we believe it is good and right to copy and share information, we do not believe that kopimists have a holy requirement to share all information. Essentially, the difference means that kopimists are not required to share any and all information – only that they recognize the basic goodness of the copying-and-sharing process. This is an important distinction to make, and I am glad that you commented so that we might begin to discuss these most important matters of behavior and ethics. Copy and Seed!

    • The transmission of data goes beyond the conceptions of profit, and is an act of worship unto itself. There are plenty of priest and imam who would not be able to make a living if their stories and songs and lectures were not paid for in their church, no? They do not force those who do not believe to pay them: we only ask the same!

  3. I hope that someday soon you will post the information i require though. I wish to know what is allowed to be copied and shared according to your religion, and where, should I decide this is right for me, that we share are information…like with there be a website, or series of websites that we will be able to share on info/files through without being persacuted for following this religion?

    • We advocate the copying and sharing of all information. Do not feel hindered by Kopimistic beliefs, as it places no restrictions on the copying and seeding. We do not have plans right now to host a P2P site through The USA Church of Kopimism. We do not currently have the resources to engage in such an undertaking. It would require significant fund raising.

      • Is there a current site you use at this point? it would be nice to share and view all of the worlds knowledge with out haveing to wade through spam, and virus and monitiering… I wish to be free to enrich myself without fear of others limiting me. Is that not what this religion is about?

      • Sites that use P2P networking are widely publicized, and, with a little time and effort, more can be found through networks of people. You can use a P2P program like utorrent to use public listings of torrents. We always advocate the use of encryption when operating in fascist countries.

  4. I’m very excited about the meeting being held on Thursday but i am not sure of what i will need for this meeting. I have Vuze but do you suggest anything. I not new to this but i would like some advice cause knowledge is power!

  5. I learned about this religion by wandering various articles on various sites, but having found my way here and read this, I’ve come to realize that kopimism’s doctrines reflect a way of life I have followed and believed in for as long as I’ve existed on the internet.
    There’s something immensely comforting about that– I hope many more people learn about it in the years to come, and I for one will definitely be spreading the word.

  6. We need it in Spain!

  7. This is absolutely wonderful, and it is a philosophy I have shared for quite some time. However, I am interested to hear your thoughts on cultural appropriation and how it feeds into ethnocentrism and racism. This is something that I have not been able to reconcile with my belief in the sharing and mixing of information.

    • I believe it only feeds into ethnocentrism and/or racism if the original group from which an aspect of culture is being appropriated are already ethnocentric and racist. How do you feel about it?

      • I was thinking more along the lines of a dominant group in a society appropriating cultural images or products of a subordinate group and using them or modifying them in a way that is harmful to the subordinate group, or which perpetuates negative stereotypes, even if only unintentionally. For example, white Americans who adopt cultural images or products of Native American peoples and use or modify them in ways that perpetuate negative stereotypes. (Not to mention the impact that white Europeans have had on black people both within and outside of Africa, or the numerous other examples.) Considering the history of genocide, rape, and stealing of so much land, which has been done all over the world, in fact, you can see how it might be somewhat problematic, especially when we also take into consideration that minority groups are also less likely to have access to digital information and the means to copy, remix, etc. I’m worried that this will keep the power to define and disseminate culture in the hands of dominant groups. However, the alternative and current setup–prohibiting copying and remixing for the purposes of maximizing profits–of course, does far more damage in subordinating minority groups. I think this whole issue is something that should be taken into consideration, and perhaps open a dialogue on, so that existing inequalities are not inadvertently reproduced. Maybe a mindfulness or “do no harm” principle or precept can be considered?

      • I understand your point. I do not believe that dissemination of electronic content or knowledge should be prevented for the preservation of the uniqueness of a particular culture. Cultural appropriation goes in both directions – from subordinate to dominant and in the reverse direction. Kopimism promotes both! When it comes to consideration for the practical implications of Kopimist acts, that is left up to the individual for them to decide. Kopimism, unlike many other religions out there, does not do peoples’ thinking for them. Thank you for bringing an interesting discussion to this website. If you would like to write an opinion article on Kopimism and cultural appropriation, I would be happy to post it, unedited, with credit to your name/handle on the site.

  8. this is crazy. Do you believe in GOD? There is only one religion in my book and that is christianity. What is this world coming to, an end and I am heaven bound. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

    • We do not believe in the Chrstian god. It makes sense that there is only one religion in your Christian book – why would one Christian book contain non-Christian religions? We believe in data. Please try to remember, though, that Christianity is a remix of Judaism, so I guess you could say that Jesus “saved as”

  9. Why is the pyramid shape used? My personal feelings of the use of the pyramid is essentially negative since it has been used by rulers as a symbol of power and as literal subjugation of people as it was slaves who built these pyramid-shaped monuments.

    • The pyramid is only viewed as a negative if you think of it from the base up. Try thinking of the pyramid as a large structure originating from a single point (the tip). If you consider it in these terms, it might become clear how the building-up of information and the expansion of knowledge, information, and culture, can eventually grow from a single point to a massive, cohesive datastructure.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful reply but not wanting to sound coy but shouldn’t the pyramid symbol then be upside down?

      • That is a very gravity-centric way of viewing things. In the digital realm, up/down and north/south do not matter.

  10. I’m glad I have found this. I’m an independent musician who dreamed of releasing art as well as producing works of others but with the RIAA recent activities and constant denial of extortion from the entertainment industry I was spiraling into a deep depression and losing hope for this world. The thought of producing art to share with the world only to have my ownership rights taken away is heart wrenching, thanks to the Missionary Church of Kopimism I have hope for this world yet again.

  11. Learned about Kopimism from the NY Times. Good on you! As an apantheist, I know what it’s like to hold an unrecognized religion, so the fact that you are now worldwide is wonderful! I look forward to learning more. 🙂

  12. jose broto wilburn

    I am a Quaker and a pacifist now, I was recruited and trained to be a warrior. I have prayed for a portal to the great library all my days. I lost my operator, unfortunately, he was an early adopter of eskimo. I have some faith in Microsoft, I find most of what i need. It is so sad to think of the sources I have touched and experienced and now only have a limited memory. I feel like I am living in an Alzheimer universe, sometimes. Maybe faith is a form of organization to make peace for the common enlightenment? Yeah a good operator would be a hell of a start.

  13. I want to copy all your passwords and emails and post them everywhere. For all those who truly believe in “No privileges, no exclusions – everywhere”, please post all your passwords and accounts below!

    • Kopimists do not believe that there is an obligation to share all information all the time with everyone. That would be impossible. It does not appear that you’re really considering the spirit and teachings of Kopimism when you say things like this. If you would like to have a longer conversation about this, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at the address listed on our Contact page.

      Copy and seed,

  14. Oh I want my project endorsed by my fellow Kopimists! I just found out about the term kopimist today. May your collection of information improve indefinately 🙂

    • Looking forward to seeing your Free Press Bible project come along! Feel free to drop me an e-mail when it’s up and running through the e-mail on our contact page!

  15. Aaron Woodruff

    Wondering about the Kopimist position on copypasta. Is it an act of devotion or a perversion of the faith? Or is it only acceptable when remixing and/or not spamming? Interested in how the MCOK handles this issue. Thanks in advance AdVATAR!

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