Project Gutenberg and Electronic Libraries

Dear Kopimists,

There is a wonderful group of people out there creating an, electronic library of great literary works.  These people, though not necessarily Kopimist in name, are truly acting in the spirit of the holy principle of kopimi.  Originally founded by Michael Hart in 1971, the collection has grown from a single copy of The U.S. Declaration of Independence to include more than 40,000  items.  All of the books on their site are in the public domain, meaning that they can be copied, remixed, and shared legally by everyone because copyright has either expired, or has been waived (such as in the case of U.S. government documents).  More information about what it means for something to be in the public domain can be found here or here.

Project Gutenberg can be found here.  In some cases, their books are available in multiple electronic formats for different e-readers, as well as different languages.

Copy and seed,


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  1. We’ve been long-time devotees of Project Gutenberg ~ invaluable (especially since it is free, ahem) and the amount and variety of items catalogued is vast. Spread the word and share their link ~

  2. Many people are using the Internet to contribute to the public domain, or make works in the public domain more accessible to more people. For example, Project Gutenberg is coordinating the efforts of people who transcribe works in the public domain into electronic form. Some projects, like that of Verbum Vanum exist for the sole purpose of making material available into the public domain or under no-cost licences.

  3. But what is the “public domain” really? If my eye can behold it, my ear hear it, or my mind comprehend it, is it not now in my domain as well? Everything that exists outside of one’s own mind is in the “public domain” to an extent, but some will attempt to use violence to prevent further dissemination. Fortunately, some brave souls are willing to ignore these threats to promulgate information far and wide. Cheers to the heroes!

    “You can’t stop the signal!” — Mr. Universe (“Serenity” – 2005)
    ctrl+C & ctrl+V

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