Anti-Kopimists At Work in Minnesota

Kopimists, I am disgusted with Minnesota, and you should be too.  Minnesotan legislators have denied Coursera the ability to provide free college-level coursework to Minnesota residents.  The original article that I’m referencing can be found here.

It’s free coursework.

Free coursework.


Well, now it’s also


Ultimately, this is about money.  The state board requires anyone wishing to offer collegiate courses to Minnesota residents to register, in the process paying a $1,200 annual fee, with the state.  Both the behavior on the part of Minnesota’s government, and the asinine excuse given for the behavior, are despicable.  They claim to hope to prevent people from wasting their time or money on ill-conceived courses.  Meanwhile, Minnesotan students can pay to take courses at the highly-profitable, but highly ineffective, University of Phoenix, where course quality and student retention are so piss-poor that the federal government is considering changing the law to prevent federal education grants from being used to pay for online coursework.  It’s an entire industry built off of bilking people for their money on the hope that the online courses will help them get a better job. So, because the University of Phoenix sells a crappy product for profit and makes off like bandits with the saved-pennies of the ignorant, hopeful masses, they can afford to pay the $1,200 annual fee.  Because the free, University-supported Coursera program is… free… did I mention it’s free?… free, they are punished.
In case you are wondering whether or not a crooked organization like the University of Phoenix is really allowed to teach courses in Minnesota:

I have no doubt that the good people, particularly the Kopimists, within Minnesota would not approve of this action on the part of their state government, particularly when it’s disguised as an overly-paternal guard against time-wasting with respect to free online courses.  We do not endorse specific candidates or legislation or political parties.  It doesn’t matter who perpetrates these anti-Kopimist acts, only that they are perpetrated and must be reversed.

The web bears new fruits
with each passing day.
The non-Kopimists
Will take them away.
Oppose their toxic
Oppose their toxic
faux morality.
Share at will.
Share your will.

Copy and seed,

EDIT: The Minnesota government has reached out to new sources to declare that they will revisit this issue shortly to decide a more appropriate course of action.  We hope that they choose not to prevent open access to free course work through Coursera or any other free information sources, but only time will tell what their final decision will be.

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  1. Textbooks can be prohibitively expensive for some students — particularly those books used in science courses and others that frequently update information and come out with new editions. But some colleges and universities are experimenting with a system that would allow students free access to textbooks online.

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