Kopimism for Left-Handed People

Kopimism is an inclusive religion. In the past, we made sure to acknowledge both PC and Mac users when describing the holy ritual of copy, paste by including both Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V as well as command+C, command+V.

Have any of you wondered what left-handed people use for copy, paste?

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate Kopimism through a different action: Ctrl+insert, Shift+Insert. This form of copy, paste can easily be used by left-handed people to worship at will, without the need for the left hand to leave the mouse, or the right hand to cross over the keyboard. Just remember: you cannot hold down the insert key between Ctrl and Shift, even though you can hold down the Ctrl key between C and V using the right-handed method.

Take a moment to copy, paste from a lefty’s perspective. It might just change the way you see the world.

Many thanks to my Kopimist friend for bringing this to the attention of the church. His act of sharing brings light to the world.

Ctrl+insert, Shift+insert,

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