Taking Copyright’s Pulse

Hello Kopimists,
It is important, as Kopimists, that we be aware of those anti-Kopimist organizations lurking in the world.  Do not forget that the ultimate goal of the anti-Kopimist is to prevent ownership, eliminate property rights, and to criminalize all sharing without payment to the rights-holder (who we no longer can assume is the artist).  In a pre-internet age, people of the Kopimist mindset would have little or no way to educate themselves with respect to current anti-Kopimist actions being taken across the globe.

Fortunately, the wonderful people at several non-profit and academic institutions have teamed up to provide excellent articles on this exact subject.  They describe specific ways in which you or your peers might be vulnerable, or protected, from copyright-based attacks from the anti-Kopimists.  Their website, found here, while not a site for legal advice, is a wonderful place to educate yourself about anti-Kopimist techniques and practices.  Seeing a formal copyright complaint can be a sobering and unexpected experience. The least we can do is look, listen, and learn. Despite the prevalence of anti-Kopimism around the world, we remain faithful that some day the true value of Kopimism will be known to the population at large, evolving our culture into better harmony with its ancient origins.

Seed the faith,

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  1. Great links.

    People need to know how to deal with the possible (even if statistically remote) dangers of something as simple and everyday as communicating online. Blissful ignorance only lasts until the first intimidating letter arrives in the mail.

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