Kopimist Education

Hello Fellow Kopimists,
I would like to take a moment to highlight a bastion of Kopimist values on the internet, MIT OpenCourseWare.  This website, hosted by MIT, is a collection of 2000 MIT courses published under a Creative Commons license.  When I say courses, I don’t just mean lecture videos.  The MIT lecture videos by themselves are viewable on the MIT YouTube channel, as are Stanford Courses, and Berkeley Courses.  The MIT OpenCourseWare pages contain far more than the average “open access” fare, including lecture videos, lecture transcripts, subtitle options, course assignments, and even exams with solutions for each course.  It is positively refreshing to see Kopimist principles at work in the upper echelons of academia.

This is your ongoing opportunity to get hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of world-class education freely and legally.   The only thing you can’t get with these courese is an enthusiastic answer to your burning questions by an experienced professor.  For the cost of tuition nowadays, I’d say that most of us are willing to go without that particular perk of live lectures.

Information brings light to darkness, and right now MIT is shining a bigass laser beam in all directions.  We can only hope that other institutions follow suit and seed their lectures.

Let the data flow,


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  1. Egmont Ouerveture

    Kopimism is a fundamental building block of (at the very least) THIS universe, if not all universes. We know this here on planet Earth by the evidence of RNA and DNA, naturally-arising molecules that (wait for it…)


    • To everyone here .MIT is NOT an Ivy League (neither is Stanford for exlpmae).Also, you can’t say you understand the education of MIT just by watching a couple of the lectures on youtube. At MIT the education is much more than just and about the lectures, it’s the extremely and notoriously difficult homework and projects in MIT’s variety of classes that really require extremely challenging problem solving the problem solving is the philosophy of learning at MIT.

      • Thank you for pointing out that online videos are not the same as the full undergraduate or graduate experiences. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. Surly if the college has more funndig that means the college can employ better teachers, afford to research education which in turn benefits pupils and purchase materials and resources for studies. In addition if the pupil excels at high school then they have every right to approach any superior college as this shows a willingness to learn. That means the college or university is not waisting its time on students that have no desire to learn

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