The Massachusetts Pirate Party Discusses Kopimism

Fellow Kopimists,

We are thrilled to see that Kopimism was discussed recently at the 2012 Massachusetts Pirate Party Conference!  The great presentation, courageously delivered by Lauren Pespisa, can be found here.

If you would like more information on the Massachusetts Pirate Party, feel free to visit their website at

To the troll in the video who attempted several times to attack Kopimism: sir, you should not bring a legal argument to a religion fight.  Expecting any religion to provide a logic-based mandate for every single action that one might take is absurd and offensive.  It insults the basic moral fiber of Kopimists and all of humanity to outright demand a total moral code of conduct from anyone purporting to have a new perspective on issues of our time.  Are we nothing but slaves to our omnipotent Gods?  This kind of expectation is typical of someone living in the shadow of Judeo-Christian dogma embedded in an overly-authoritarian governance structure.

Copying and disseminating information is ethically right.  Copymixing is sacred and a sign of respect.  These ideas do not deal in any way with compensation of any kind for the transfer of information, nor do they place mandates on Kopimists.  People decide for themselves where they draw the lines.  People decide what they release and what they choose to keep private.  Please, try listening before you speak.  Who knows… you might end up sharing a bit in the end!

Sharing my data
every day
every way,

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  1. Wow. What a jerk that guy in the audience was! “….so governments have the right to copy and share your information.” Riiiiiight, just like just like governments also have the right to baptize your kids or cut off their foreskin. Yeah… no.

    And of course the usual: “…anyone who has copyright protection is totally thrown out”
    *sigh* the same old, same old misconception that copyRIGHT actually protects a right rather than taking it away. Fantastically successful Newspeak.


    Good for that girl for keeping it together!

  2. Whoa, guys. He has experience in video as well as having two (count ’em two) paralegal certificates. Insert remixed picture of Neil Degrasse Tyson here, if you know what I mean.

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