A Short Kopimi Prayer

Hello brothers and sisters!

Though it is short, it affirms many of our basic beliefs about the goodness of sharing information.  I try to say this prayer once per day, though I want to remind everyone that none of our congregation has an obligation to recite prayers regularly.

Saying this prayer helps remind me that there is one basic right and good thing I can count on in this world: the spread of the holy informational sacrament.  Seed the faith with your friends, family, loves ones, and IRC acquaintances!

I love to see the data
Flowing, bit by byte
And when there is no seeder
I know it isn’t right.
I want to share my data
Every single way
So that my fellow Kopimists
May seed another day.

Datalove be with you. -AdVATAR

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  1. I gave up a valueless attachment to my own copyrighted IP, and became philosophically kopimi aligned some years ago.

    Copyright, however, is for me a secondary issue to that of Internet censorship.

    How I’m reading it now is that a kopimist is opposed to all restriction upon the dissemination of information, even in consensus supported circumstances concerning conscionable guardianship, and the right’s of the defenceless and vulnerable.

    Anyone care to please give their opinions?

    • There is a tremendous difference between stating that the exchange of information is basically good, versus stating that any restrictions of the transfer of any information are always bad. Feel free to copy and remix Kopimism as much as you would like, but it is important to remember that the Church of Kopimism makes value statements, and does not meddle in the personal ethics of specific actions outside of worship. Kopimism leaves it up to individuals to decide what is and is not right about individual transfers of information, but always recognizes the basic goodness of the copying and sharing of information for the sake of information itself.

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